I always ask a question to myself…
What is success all about..??
Is it hard earned money , job , position ,power
All these and etc, remains a doubt..??
I always ask a question to myself….
Who invented the Question mark ..
Did he also faced the questions I have …
Did he also faced a life without a spark..??
Everyone has been given a supposed task
can’t we move ahead of this “supposed” life..
why everything is so wicked and wild….:’(
why is the life a mere survival…
why the concept of life so brutal??
We should follow the footprints they say…
why can’t we lead our own way.??
I always ask such question to myself..
Every year, month , week and day.
life used to be a saga of sorrow and joy..
faced by each girl and boy...
but I guess this is a matter of past…
coz life has now becum deadly fast..
such has becum our life’s way..
even boredom gets bored these days…
sun moon and stars… all have their beauty intact..
then why has our life becum so abstract…
people give competition to raavan..
coz he only had 10 faces which could be seen
but today’s person has so many faces..
and all of them are so mean.
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Author: Mishma Bhatia
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