The other day, while celebrating the completion of my sister’s engineering, the neighbor wali aunty shooted a question at me at the pitch of her voice (as if I was miles away from her), “ Tumne kya karne ka socha hai? Kya kr rahi ho tum college mai?” I answered politely, “English (Hons.).”, only to make her shower a series of questions over me.

Ques 1. English Hons.?? Kya sikhate hai usme? ABCD aur Grammar?

Ans. No, aunty!! We read novels written by various authors like Jane Austen, Homer, Charlotte Bronte, Geoffrey Chaucer. Charles Dickens, etc. and critical analysis of their works by various critiques. (Confused?? Hell yeah!! :P)

Aunty?? Shakespeare?? William Shakespeare?? Naam toh suna he hoga? (-.-)

Ques 2. Ohh Nice!! What after that? I’ll suggest, opt for B.ed. A 9 to 5 job of a teacher is the best for girls.

Ans. There are many options available and I don’t want to bound myself. I’ll keep myself open to various fields. (Moreover, I am surely not gonna follow your advice)

Ques 3. And what after that? Marriage?

Ans. No, I am planning to go for higher studies. (Ohh Please!! Marriage is a big NO)

Ques 4. Nice. Will you give tuitions to my son? He is very poor in English.

Ans. Ohh!! I would love to (BEWARE!! I cannot deal with you every day, every hour, every second) but, my schedule is very busy. I’ll help him, though, whenever required. (Well, how much were you planning to pay me?????? ;))

After jaggering over with her, I came back to my room thinking how to protect other English Hons. students from the mental trauma that their neighbor wali aunties/uncles and rishtedars will impose on them someday, sometime due to their unawareness.

Here is why you should not think twice before opting for English Hons. for your graduation-

  1. There are many courses that offer you excellence in one particular subject, but when it comes to English (Hons.)… the course is surely not going to teach you sentence formation and grammatical correctness, but the excellence to live in this society. When you will step out after completing your graduation, you will know that you “know” much more than others do.
  2. It's not a joke. English (Hons.) is not only a course of the subject you are graduating in but a course of life wherein you’ll actually get to know how the real world evolved and how it is.
  3. It is much more than reading and studying novels, it's about reading human beings, studying different characters, different cultures, going through various centuries and learning their writing styles, narration techniques, conditions, customs, religions… and what not.
  4. Were you the firm believer of societal norms, notions, stereotypes?? Well, no more. You’ll get to know that the world is much more than any “normal” thing you actually believed in. And you begin to question those “normality standards” as you fall in love with the so called ab-“normality”. ;)
  5. From Mrs. Sharma’s divorce  to Chinky’s pursuing MBA course,the news of Chaddha Ji’s eloped daughter to the girls editing pics on Fotor, from your brother’s demand for car to the new Modi Sarkar, from the intake of Vodka shot to the staircase’s spitting blot, from the PG mate’s loads of carriage to the ban on same sex marriage-YOU HAVE AN OPINION FOR ALL!!
  6. And “all” actually consists of all. You can speak for hours and hours on any of the nukkadwala gossip only if given a chance. And, my friend!!English (Hons.) will teach you to grab your chance, only never to lose it again ;).
  7. You’d always have “something different” going on in your mind. The quest to search unnatural in the natural and the natural in the unnatural is what English Hons. all about.
  8. You will become a feminist by heart, mind and soul. And by feminism, we mean a resort to empower ourselves. We have higher notions of feminism and we are not restricted to age old stereotypes of considering feminism as ‘hatred of men’. I mean… Who said that Feminism is hatred of men?? Feminism never aimed at hatred, but need to resort to empower ourselves. We are way away then the stereotypes of “all men are same”, “men are dogs”, etc.
  9. The feminist in you will begin to rule you whenever you see someone calling literature to be a sphere for men, pen to be the sword of men, history to be “his-story” and HE to be the only one for all glory. I am sorry. We cannot tolerate this stuff. We believe in“ Literature for both-men and women.
    1. “ Literature for both-men and women,

      Reward females with the power of pen,

      Mention her achievments in the past,

      And, vision her turning the world so fast”

  10. There is nothing called obscene, vulgar, C-grade, etc. things in your life. Because, Yes!! We are EnglishHons. student. We don’t find anything “Hawwww!” in PDAs, porn, pre-marital sex, gay relationships, divorcee remarriage, etc.etc. and similarly there is nothing to awwwwww-www X n about them either. I mean, excuse me!! We do read 50 shades of greyand find it interesting and that doesn’t mean we read vulgarity and admire it. There is nothing called- OBSCENE!! If you feel so and find obscenity and heights of westernization in our country, it just identifies your mentality and maturity level.
  11. You write. You may hide your writing talents from others, but you do write. You also must be having a small blog out there in the corner. We don’t consider ourselves as budding Shakespeare’s but we consider “Cheatn Bhagat” as one amongst us.
  12. We can’t get away with this one. We ought to see cons rather more easily than pros. We don’t believe in “happy endings”, we like to get face to face with reality. You may have loved those fairy tales in your childhood, but this is NOT something “real” in terms literature student.
  13. English hons doesn't allow you to follow any religion but humanity. The scepticism that starts dissolving in you might push you so much that you wouldn't mind questioning your beliefs, religion, god, traditions, community etc. And if you fail to do that we are sorry no matter how much high you have scored you have obviously failed in grasping the essence of this course.
  14. We all have been inspired by CID during our childhood. (I guess so). The course is the baap  of CID. If you start believing everything then you deserve to be told everything and anything. Accepting everything at face value is a big no no for students. A 'why' should be the first aid treatment given to every and any kind of victimized argument that's put in front of you.
  15. Also the course would instill in you a weird kind of critique. You would yourself start seeing the pros and cons of every little thing, be it a movie, real life situations, characters, humans, in fact you yourself. The students tend to transcend the boundaries of propriety where they can see the mistakes in everything. Now this might be a little problematic. Because obviously if something disturbs you, you'd not be able to keep it inside you for long. The rebel in you won't allow you to ignore the things. And this might create a tension because if you dare to point out a mistake in people elder to you, damn! God bless you. But this is a truth, the bare truth. You gain a perspective that no one ever can take away from you. Definitely giving you a sense of pride for belonging to the higher set of human beings.
  16. The scope is unending after graduation-

     If teaching is your passion, you can pursue B. Ed from any university and can grab the chance to teach English to the little ones.

-           You can also opt for M.A in English to become a College Lecturer. All the top known government universities (DU, IPU, JNU) offer post graduation in English.

-          To get a job in embassy, all you need is a fluent command of your mother tongue, English, and a foreign language. Generally, English Hons. student opts for this job. (You must have seen the hype in students for learning any foreign language-Spanish,German, Japanese!! )

-          Those who are interested in writing and want to pursue it further can work in virtual internships of Content Writer, Product Writer, etc And you never know, if there is proficiency in your work, virtual internships are easily converted into paid jobs.

-          Navbharat Times, Aaj Tak, CNN-IBN, The times of India, Hindustan Times-if reading or writing columns interests you, post graduation in Mass Communication is an available option for you.

-          Do not want to walk on the roads travelled before??? Script writing, songwriting, story writing, dialogues writing etc. are also fields that offer large scope for English Hons. Students. For more information on these courses, click on-

“Education in Odd Sectors (Smilyo’s Blaze)”- http://www.smilyo.com/files/blaze-2014.pdf

NOTE: If by any chance you find any English Hons. student degrading the divinity of your course, bombard him/her with your over-the-top arguments. If still the doubt in him/her sustains, consider them fit to be a dirty fly that comes in your kitchen to eat your food and shit on it at the same time.

In case there is still any query, you can mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also send your aunties/uncles/rishtedars to me, who want to know more about English (Hons.) I swear I can provide them with a good 9 to 5 lectures and quality information about this course (after all, all English Hons. Students are good at TEACHING :P ).


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