My Dear future husband,

I would like to inform you at the outset –and I feel you deserve to know- that I’m a rape victim. You might scowl at this candid remark but it is the inevitable truth. It happened at the fall of last year when I was returning at 9:45 p.m after partying with my colleagues for being promoted as HR Head. Was I at fault for returning  ‘so late at night’? Was I at fault for donning a bling top?


The bestial group comprised seven robust college goers. They tied me up brutally and threw me behind a bush in a ‘family park’. I was shredded to pieces by the morons. They abandoned my bruised anatomy in the cold. I could find a ray of hope amidst the Stygian gloom in my family members. But the moment I stepped on the threshold of my ‘Home’, I was abandoned by my parents even. Mom rebuked, “You dare not say this to anyone or else no one is going to marry your younger sister”? Was I at fault for being assaulted so intensely that my ‘parents’ blamed me?


Since you will tie the knot with me, I assume you to lead the ‘Men’. So I interrogate you ‘Men’. “Who has given you the right to deprive me of my living?” “Who has given you the right to transgress if I am not one among you”? “If I do not yearn for your musky fragrance, why do you desire mine”? “If I do not grope you, why do you reciprocate”? I know You have no answer for my ceaseless questioning.


Dear Husband, since I have abdicated my biological parents I entreat you to question them on my behalf, if at all they were to banish me why did they not annihilate me in my fetal stage. I don’t deserve any answer but I want them to question their conscience. Since my soul is assassinated, I don’t care for the social stigmas. I just notify you ‘Men’, don’t awaken the dormant Women. It is you people who need to change your perception. If we show our cleavage that does not imply we are inviting you. I have not clung to the past but I did not obliterate the horrific memory either. It is my catalyst to fight against injustice meted out to Women like me.


I even ask, “What pleasure do You Men get on targeting the tiny tots who have barely seen the world?” “Are they at any sort of fault for the ill treatment given to them?” But you know what the saddest portion comes here when I know nothing will change. This injustice will keep on going unless You people realize. But you be rest assured. My love for you will never lessen. I won’t give you any chance for comparison because I know what I have lost and what it feels not to be loved. 


Dear Love, I don’t expect anything in return but your care and affection will suffice in healing my wounds.


With love,

Your future wife.

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Author: shibangi dash
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