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Here's your-

Wake-up Call!



Tring, tring!

Anyone there?

I'm Disha. And I'm calling everyone who is concerned. No, not about the world. For obvious reasons, most of us don't have the time to ponder over world issues such as hunger problems in South African countries, or our own for that matter, or about UN advertised climate change. We think its no use , for us to care. Which may be correct to some extent; since if you're not suffering from it, it's not your problem! Yes, that's an explanation given to me by a classmate. What a brilliant  logic this girl has, I must say! And yes, we have our bunch of gyaan gurus too, who can pretend very well to find solutions to the various world issues to impress  the general, plaintiff public around them. Which by the way is great, at least some one is trying!


But anyways, this article isn't about the problems faced by the world. By the way, the world has so many problems that I'd have to write a book of 1850 pages only to describe them briefly. Don't bother about 1850 pages, that's just a number.

Coming back to the point, there is someone who is of utmost importance to all of us.

We all collectively and individually care , supremely , about this one person. That's a common thing for one and all!

Any guesses who it is?

It's us, ourselves. You my friend, are closest to yourself. No matter how selfish or kind one is, he always is concerned about himself. Or herself, if its a she!

On that note, lets begin to accept a truth of life. Your mom, dad, society , best friends are totally close to you, but only you singularly , can drive your life succesfully, because only you know what you truly desire.


Despite this knowledge , why do we teens end up taking the wrong decisions for ourselves? If I know that I want to be a photographer when I grow up, why do I have to take up coaching for medical school, only to dissapoint my family by scoring possibly what would be the last national rank, if there is anything like that!

Nevertheless, the point is clear, when it comes to deciding upon your future, specially our career, we lose out and sleep, only to wake up when it's too late.


This article, let me mind you, isn't anti-societal; our parents have excercised their rights over us by naming us, sending us to a school of their choice and so on. As children, we're obliged to keep them happy. This is where the problem seeps in. Keep your parents happy by being a good child, but not at the cost of your own dreams!

This year, my brother scored 90% in his ICSE boards, which I suppose is great. He wanted to take up commerce, which, though I'm unfamiliar with, again sounds great. But in a family of generations of Govt. employees and scientists who probably don't even know what Commerce offers as its subjects, the chance lies in how badly the student wants to study the subject of his choice. If he really wants it, he has to find his way.

 If you're clear enough already, why to lag behind or wreck your brains by reading a subject you don't even comprehend!


And even if you succumb to the envious glares of society, the tacky chachi who taunts you by saying- 'zaroor science nahi mili hogi, tabhi commerce le rakhi hai!'

Remember that at some or  the other point of time, you'll be stuck with no choice than to drop an year or study that very subject that was thrust upon you because you couldn't speak up for yourself. Hint, hint- God gave you a multi-purpose mouth so that you could express your thoughts , it depends on you if you use it for gossiping with friends only or for murmuring your tragic home-scene tales, after practically wasting your life!


Recently, I had a talk with a school junior who was considered to be very bright as a student. She got 97.75% in science and wanted to do Economics Hons. On questioning , she said that since the eighth standard , she had clear plans for her future, but couldn't share with her mom, for fear of reactions from her extended joint family.


Now she's into a good college nevertheless, but since cut-offs are higher for taking up commerce courses, for students having a previous science background, she slipped the opportunity of being a student at the very best college.

I say, why settle on being mediocre when you have the potential of being the best?


Why do we say ' sab chalta hai yaar' ?


When it comes to taking five rupees change from an auto-wala bhaiya and we're getting late for class- we make sure that we take our money, even if it means missing out on time. Then what's the matter with our decisions? Why do we say, ' Chalo, dad says so let me take science till 12th (even though I don't understand the S of Science), baadme karlenge B.com.'


Hint , hint, again dear students- Admissions aren't as easy as you may think. Your career and your studies and offcourse your time, they're much more important than anything else, even more important than the five-rupees you just took from your auto-wala bhaiya!

There's a video by Superwoman on Youtube- again, I don't intend to advertise it. Still, the meaning is beautiful. What do you want to become?

A doctor? A poet? Researcher? Chef? Judge?

Ask yourself. And then think- are you putting in enough efforts towards achieving your goals. For those who think, motivational speeches are aunty talks, you too need to read this.


This planet is so full many wannabe doctors, poets, researchers, chefs, judges and so on, who probably are working harder than you and are far more deserving. Feel scared of the competition, if that makes you work any harder. Let the reality haunt you at night (like the ghost of Rory from the Conjuring movie), so that your ambition doesn't let you sleep. Do everything in your power that you can, afterall, you have the power to make your own destiny. That's an old proverb, but it still makes sense in today's world. What do you have, that they don't have? Why should you only be successful?


Life isn't a joke, on the other hand, for those who think it is- life can make a joke out of you and not feel sorry for it. It's better to choose your field cautiously in the first place. Setting out towards Goa when you want to go to Jammu is like hitting on a wall! Didn't get my minus IQ joke? Well, in simple words, its useless, you know, wasting your energies in studying something you practically loathe! 

Once your eyes are set on your goal, work tirelessly in that direction. At this point, a dialogue from 3-idiots will come in handy, specially for the gold-diggers -'Paisa jhak maar ke tumhaare piche aayega!'


As for the vicious , taunting chachis who try to make you feel guilty for taking up commerce instead of science (because in her head, you didn't score well-enough), remind her that her daughter or her husband too studied commerce in school! Or worse, that she doesn't know anything about the scope of commerce.

No, forget it, it's a reply- don't use it. Our Alok Nath uncle -inspired -sanskaars do not permit us to speak like this to elders, no matter what!

On the plus side, when you will eventually achieve all your goals by making the right decisions early in life and working hard in your planned direction- the glory of your success, no matter how significant or insignificant to the world, will speak volumes to your circle.

So worry not , wake up and act now! Afterall, another great saying goes- The best things to make your dreams come true, is to wake up!


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