There was once a fairy land
where cool breeze played and sunshine sang.
The dewy maiden, the nature’s clock
heralded the day, roused the squirrels for the diurnal discourse.

Reeds grew and swayed
by the side of the sparking stream.
Yellow light pooled beneath the trees,
and the wind hummed a never ending song.

Tired of the adventures
the day then lapsed into the night.
Butterflies chased fireflies, welcoming the moon
bade the sun goodbyes.

The black day came,
the monstrous machines raped the sacred soil.
The greedy jaws,
scoffed the holistic spirituality.

The soft, moist grass trampled,
pulverized branches, striped of their leaves.
The virgin trees fell;
their blood stained the once golden earth.

Faith uprooted, they invoked the
holy place.
The human touch molested the
creator’s creation.

With the demonic enterprise accomplished
they clinked glasses and updated the GPS.
The temple demolished,
the stench remains.

The mammoth stands erect, its engines growling.
Somewhere a child feels cold.
Where’s the warm sun?
A machine is switched on.

The nightingale now muted,
terrorized of the virtual world,
hides somewhere beneath the iron bench,
crooning silently of the past day’s glory.

Long gone splendor, long gone bliss.
Looted honor and the fallen morality persist.
They forgot,
Nature is not merely created by God, Nature is God.

The horror of the sight narrates dismay.
And the deafening silence cries for a blithe escape.
The dark eerie night
still awaits its dawn.

The parched place now bleeds tears.
That land
would forever be haunted
by the ghosts of the ancient greens ones.


Rashi Chauhan

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Author: Rashi Chauhan
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