Important Questions

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GROUP II - IT Important Questions

Q 1. Characteristics of Client Server Technology.

Q 2. Transmission Technology.

Q 3. Transmission Techniques.

Q 4. Transmission Modes.

Q 5. Characteristics of DSS.

Q 6. Components of DSS.

Q 7. Components of Expert System.

Q 8. Architecture of CRM.

Q 9. Opportunity enable by SCM.

Q 10.Reason for Growth of LAN.

Q 11. Need & Scope of Networking.

Q 12. Services offered by Communication Software.

Q 13. Network Threats & Vulnembility.

Q 14. Factors that determine the Best File Organisation.

Q 15. Management Concern of File Processing System.

Q 16. Basic function of Operating System.

Q 17. Features of Data Centre.

Q 18.Services offered by a Data Centre.

Q 19.Challenges faced by Management of Dta Centre.

Q 20.Attributes of LAN.

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