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  • It all comes down to one phrase- S**t just got serious; when you see all the Hawans being done or the pundits in their temples surrounded by cricket aficionados en masse and praying to every God and Goddess open. And then, there is the team returning from Bangladesh, and how ironic- Virat Kohli is seen in an ad blowing out his nose due to cold, ah! Well ,it is cold out there now.

    Yes, Bangladesh, who can forget the World Cup 2007. Let’s not rub the already SALTY wounds again. But it was a treat, watching the Bangladeshi fans bouncing up and down the streets, relishing the victory that they had achieved. It is natural, our Indian fans reached the same levels when they won the World Cup in 2011! On one side is the natural and the obvious celebration of the WC won, supplemented by crackers outside players’ houses, the Hawans starting up again the next morning and the pundits trying to get some credit as well when interviewed by the TV news channels. And then the other part is the rot, which unveiled the way our fans react to our team’s performance. Take a loss as a loss and not the end of the world, is what the staunch supporters of Team India fail to understand. And it is really not the loss that gushes out venom into the people, other factors adding up to all of it are stringed together as well.

    Indian aunties, sit on the summit of the mountains of gossip. Never really knew some news channels have themselves stationed there as well. Take the case of Virat Kohli not performing well in a match, and switch channels the same night around 8-10pm to see 3 people seated on chairs in a garden in Delhi, accusing Anushka Sharma and how her presence in the stadium had been distracting Virat. Goddamn! leave her alone! And then they call up another guy via video calling and ask for his opinion. So now there’s four of them! Our fans forget these people are like them too. There is a psychological effect on these people about what people say, think and expect of them. And in our country all these 3 parameters reach heights in this case.

    Another prominent name recently was Sudhir Kumar, yes the Indian Cricket team fan painted in tricolor, who follows the Indian Cricket team where ever they go and probably is funded by the BCCI itself. While on their tour to Bangladesh, he had been attacked by some local fans and later on was given a security cover by the BCCI. Seeing the outcome of the series, the chance remains minor that he can be bagged as a good luck charm. And there’s another one treading on the same path, painted all yellow and supporting CSK (the one with a black afro cut). Keep up the support lads.

    People tend to forget that it is just a game and not a revenge that our 11 men seek. The news channels present their heated discussions where 5 people speak at once, and they strive to go on forever and it’s the people around the TV who get frustrated. Channels like Star Sports keep playing the cricket video tapes if there is nothing live to telecast. Old IPL and World Cup matches or a series based on different players are probably their favorites. All these minute factors outline the usual-erratic behaviour of our fans.

    Supporting a team during its series of losses, commending the efforts when the team has won and not breaking or damaging anything out of anger are some basic duties of a fan. Even if 50% of 1.25 billion (which is too much) start with this healthy behavior, our team will sail many oceans.

    Yes it’s not just a game as they say, love the game they hardly say. Let’s all clap for the win, let’s all bottoms up for the loss to sink in. Together and firm let’s chant loudly our team’s name, love thy game and love thy game.





    Topic - Whimsical Indian Cricket Fans. They Make or Mar their Idols.

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