Good evening and welcome to the greatest battle of e-commerce in India. This match promises to be one of the most entertaining, amazing and competitive bout you have ever seen. LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!


On the red corner we have the new boy from our very own India, “Flipkart“and on the other corner we have the reigning International champion “Amazon”.

Let me tell you something to the congregation of people that have graced us by their presence, this will be an intense fight, tempers will soar as the student goes against the coach so rest assured this fixture will be an exciting one to watch.

The bell rings…..

Both of these gentlemen are eager to be crowned with the esteemed and coveted “Leading Online Retailer of India” position.

Here we start with flipkart wasting no time and attacking its opponent with the “Delivery” jab repeatedly and Amazon cannot do anything about it.

With Amazon cornered, things are not looking well for the reigning champion, but wait a great reversal by Amazon and there comes the dreaded “Discount “kick that knocks down flipkart. The Champion giving Flipkart no room and attacking viciously with “The 1bn investment “jabs   The Stalwart champion seems to be too powerful for his amateur opponent. Flipkart manages to get up and now both the fighters are staring acrimoniously at each other .The champion starts punching the challenger with double the ferocity and looks like the fights taken its course. Flipkart looks tired and has no response to the champion’s punches.

The champion is taunting the challenger. You can see the animosity between these fighters. He’s had enough obloquy for taunting and using foul language.

Oh!! Wait... ”flipkart’ gets up and smacks the living daylights out of the champion with the “Big billion day sale” punch. It’s like the amateur has got an epiphany.  The crowd’s gone wild. This is just amazing! Out of nowhere the champ has been put down. There is blood dripping fir the champ’s mouth. It is truly a macabre scene to watch.

And the count starts...1, 2, 3…..10.. and the underdog has stunned the nation. This crowd has come alive..  listen to this crowd.

So people, we have just witnessed a major upset in the first round of the historical battle between the two largest online retailers in India.

Can’t wait for the second round!!!

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Author: Shantanu Vachhani
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