With the success of Happy New Year being the talk of the town these days and despite the bad critical reviews from some sources, this is a movie that you just cannot ignore especially with the whopping amount of money it’s bringing into the makers’ kitty.

Here are reasons why you need to hit the theatre today if you haven’t yet.


1.  Reasonably good Action

The action scenes are few but well suited to the situations and much more convincing and entertaining than other movies especially with the scenic skyscrapers of Dubai in the background though I assure, you cannot take your eyes off SRK.



2.   No romantic overkill

Do you hate couples going overboard with their dancing behind the trees? Or the heroine prancing about fluttering her saree end? You are not in for a bad time. Farah spared you!



3.  No exaggerated dialogues

You hate “Main ye hun…. Main wo hun…. Ye kar dunga…. Wo kar dunga…..” with the camera focusing on the actor’s left eye followed by the right eye and then the back of his head and very intense unappetizing background music? Be calm! You were spared by Farah again.



4.  Feminists will have something to like

No I am not telling you exactly what you will like about the movie, if you are a diehard feminist, you will find some reason to rejoice.



5.  Tickle your funny bone

Haven’t laughed heartily in a while? Some scenes are surely going to get you laugh your heart out.



6.  Emotions

It is not a movie sans emotion. There is love, friendship, grief and revenge all balanced in a way as to not kill the happy vibe of the movie. 



7.   King of Pop

While the King of Pop is immortal, a tribute is always welcome. The Beat it jackets and the moon walk pulled off with two left feet is a tribute in its own way.



8.  Eye candy

While Dips is surely setting the screen ablaze with her presence, SRK’s eight pack is too hot to ignore with Sonu Sood’s chiseled body as icing on the cake.




10.  You cannot afford to miss anything from the Badshah

We love Badshah Khan and cannot afford to miss out on his charm and those Oh so lovely eyes!!







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